I am a very satisfied repeat Customer of Auto Perfection Services. Roland does not rush the job and will not return the vehicle until it is Perfect. I really appreciate that about Roland’s work. Thanks Roland!

The thing I like best about Roland is that he is passionate about his work!!!

He is constantly researching the best products and tools to give his customers the best he can possible give. He pays attention to every small detail and works very hard to bring your car back to its condition.

My wife recently purchased a rental car, and I had Roland detail it. He turned it into a new car! We are both extremely happy with his work and will continue to use his services. I highly recommend trying him out. You Won’t be sorry.

I was so happy with the work Roland did on one of my BMWs that I had a similar detail completed on my other BMW. It was transformational for both vehicles…I keep them both clean with the usual car washes but after the work that Roland did, the cars haven’t looked this good since new. I highly recommend this business. John.

Roland did a great job on my wife’s car. I had not detailed it in a few years and it was in dire need of a thorough cleaning and a coat or two of wax. The car came back looking brand new again and he returned the car in less than 24 hours. Great job, Roland!

Roland took my MDX that was beat up front 3 kids, 3 carseats and lots of use and made it shine!

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    1 / 11 / 2012 2:06 am

    Roland did a great job of making my BMW M3 look new again. I felt like I received personalized care to my car and the service was great. There is a before and after photo of my blue M3 in the gallery on this site and you can see for yourself the difference he made. I will be a return customer.

  2. Ron

    6 / 26 / 2014 2:28 am

    Roland is a very personable guy. He has a GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL. He sees things that most people miss. He did a nice job polishing my aluminum wheels. I will certainly call him again for future projects, if needed.

  3. Tim

    11 / 16 / 2015 10:21 pm

    After owning my new Pathfinder for just a couple weeks my kiddos scratched up the hood with a wiffle ball bat trying to wipe the rain drops off….urgh. I took it to Roland and like magic he returned it to new! I’m hopeful that I’ll keep it in new condition for a long time, but if not, I know where to go! THANK YOU ROLAND!!!

  4. Tom Q

    11 / 21 / 2016 10:26 pm

    It is great when someone under promises and over delivers.

    Roland saw my 25 year old car and started asking about it when I told him it needed a paint job, he asked why? When I showed him all the problems he pointed out what he believed he could do with it. Well since I was stareing at a 8k paint job I decided to let him work on it. He explained what he was going to do and what he could accomplish. I was doubtful, never having a paint correction, I believed a car needed to be painted when it was in the condition mine was in. He had the car for 4 days and explained all that he did to the car. He said it was good, I was expecting it to look like someone had waxed the car. When I picked up the car I thought it had been repainted. The gloss was back and the sand marks and oxidation was gone. The car was as slick as glass and just as deep. Black is a great color when great shape bad when not. It is now great. Roland wished he could have done more but the paint would not allow it. I could not imagine it being better. He appears to be a perfectionist, never a bad thing with a car. Hear is an after picture. Would show before but all those pictures are 20 ft away…




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