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The owner is a Professional Auto Detailer that was trained by some of the Best Detailers and Instructors in the country.

As a child, I was FASCINATED with cars!  I was drawn to how much they could cost, the prestige some of them had, the designs of many, and most importantly, dreamed about how I could make this fascination part of my life.  In my early teens, I vividly remember my father taking me to one of the first self-serve car washes in South St. Louis County.  He taught me to start at the top and work my way down so the dirt flows downward.  Great advice dad!  From that moment on, I started handwashing our cars on the driveway, purchasing soaps, brushes, towels, etc.  As time went on, I practiced, practiced, practiced!  In addition to practicing, I attend advance training sessions at least once a year.  I often attend trade shows in order to learn about the latest and most effective products in the market.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than a METICULOUS car and Auto Perfections Services of St. Louis, LLC is qualified to help you achieve this goal!